About Us/ Our Mission




We are a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and trainees who are passionate about serving our population. We come from unique backgrounds in the fields of nutrition, exercise science and fitness, and behavioral health. It is through our passion to drive change in health that our teams align seamlessly. Together we endeavor to improve the lives of our participants, offer a handful of health resources geared towards our minority population, and make our intervention accessible and free of cost. We strive to leave each family healthier, more active and in a mindful household. 


The  nutrition team come from a diverse background of interests, experiences  and knowledge in the field. Our team is made up of a combination of nutrition educators to public health students working towards improving the quality of life families.  We believe that food is medicine. Nutrition shares a connection to improving many of areas of life including movement and mental wellness to acting as preventative measures in our overall health.

Exercise and Fitness

Our team consists of PhD, master and bachelor level students who program fitness and exercise activities for our participants.  We believe exercise is crucial in the development of all children and continually look for ways to make fitness a fun, life-long habit.

Behavioral Health

The behavioral health group is comprised of trained specialists whose mission is to help parents and children develop long lasting healthy habits, including healthy weight management.   

We help you develop many skills that help healthy families including managing emotions, reducing stress, enhancing parenting skills, making healthy decisions, and communication skills.

These skills help foster healthy eating and activity habits and are also essential skills that participants can use in everyday life.  


Vidas Activas y Familias Saludables (VALE) is a pediatric weight management program for Latino children. VALÉ is unique because it uses multiple disciplines to approach the problem of childhood obesity. 

Our intervention employs nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral health to promote sustainable changes in our population. Additionally, VALÉ is culturally-adapted; we place an emphasis on the inclusion of our previously family attendees and their recommendations to the program through our Community-Advisory Board, which is made up of families from previous interventions. 

Finally, VALÉ takes a family-based approach to weight management. During our interventions, children and parents are asked to share a meal together and to participate in goal-setting and progression check-ups. We encourage this because we understand the power of families to encourage healthy behaviors.


We aim to serve self-identifying Latino children ages 5 to 9, who live and attend school in Woodbridge, VA. Our population is unique due to its demographics. We strive to serve the underrepresented minority population. A population that has increasingly high prevalence of children obesity. 

You can read more on the makeup of our demographics in the “Research” tab, located on the menu bar.